Golden Distribution

Conditionary corporation "Roshen"


25002, Kirovograd Dobrovolskogo str. 2 Tel.: (0522) 35-45-25 E-mail:
Elena Lukianova E-mail: Tel.: +38 095 098 83 66
Anastasia Dorenko E-mail: Tel.: +38 050 047 01 27


  • Trading equipment-make a right a choice.


    Every businessman while starting his first marketplace or expanding his business faces the problem of outfitting his shop, boutique or cabin effectively. It is not an easy task to choose nice, functional equipment and place it in the room. It is a complicated task even for an experienced professional.


  • How to Choose Equipment for Your Business


    The equipment choices for any business these days are enormous. Making the right choice for your business can be a challenging task... 



Partnership projects

Ltd "Evrostand" is a manufacturer of metal garbage containers. Transporting containers. Plastictrash bins and other products

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