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25002, Kirovograd Dobrovolskogo str. 2 Tel.: (0522) 35-45-25 E-mail:
Elena Lukianova E-mail: Tel.: +38 095 098 83 66
Anastasia Dorenko E-mail: Tel.: +38 050 047 01 27

Evrostand Ltd.









Evrostand Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial and advertising equipment in Ukraine.

The main principle of our company is manufacturing and distribution of the equipment of high quality and wide assortment for marketplaces of all types.

The leading courses of Evrostand Ltd are:

- manufacturing of branded and commercial equipment;

- manufacturing of metal racks and displays;

- manufacturing of individually designed metal and plastic equipment of any configuration.

Thanks to a good geo-economic location our company can guarantee you loyal system of price formation and high quality of the product itself.

The experience, principles, and structure of our company guarantee you the best quality of our equipment as far as loyal price building policy and sticking to the terms of contracts.

We also tend to collaborate, consult and help our partners in every sphere of our cooperation.



Partnership projects

Ltd "Evrostand" is a manufacturer of metal garbage containers. Transporting containers. Plastictrash bins and other products

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