Golden Distribution

Conditionary corporation "Roshen"


25002, Kirovograd Dobrovolskogo str. 2 Tel.: (0522) 35-45-25 E-mail:
Elena Lukianova E-mail: Tel.: +38 095 098 83 66
Anastasia Dorenko E-mail: Tel.: +38 050 047 01 27

About us

About us→

It’s been more than five years since the “Evrostand” company entered the Ukrainian market with its own product. Our product range is wide. We produce mounted, floor and desktop displays; informational, advertising, accumulative, warehouse and presentational shelves and stands. Also we make metal waste containers of different types.

From the very beginning we pay great attention to the high quality of our product and individually based cooperation with our partners. This approach has succeeded completely. Now our clients are such well-known companies as “Roshen” (“Roshen” tm), “Snack export” (“Morskie”, “Semki” tm), Ergopack (“Melochi zhizni”, “Kopeika” tm), “Golden distribution”(“Tri korochki”, “Chip n Go” tm).

The ”Evrostand” company has its own manufacture where trading and commercial equipment is made. It is sold without the help of mediators, so our prices are loyal and acceptable for our clients. All of our products are  certificated and of high quality.


Partnership projects

Ltd "Evrostand" is a manufacturer of metal garbage containers. Transporting containers. Plastictrash bins and other products

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